National Trust – Petworth House

We have recently joined National Trust again. I say again as we used to be members but quit for a while. I have to say I’m very happy that we joined. I personally love going on little adventures and discovering new places. As a family of 3 (myself, my husband and our 6 year old son) we love spending time outdoors but we also love cosy tea rooms and old buildings full of mysteries and hidden treasures.

Most of the National Trust properties come with vast amount of outdoor space, often filled with breathtaking views, equally breathtaking gardens and kids playgrounds. Part of the adventure is discovering what each property has to offer. Not all are hits with each family member but none the less it is fun exploring.

On one cold almost wintery day we visited Petworth House in West Sussex, England. It is a stunning late 17-century manor house with situated in large park. The house was great to have a look inside. The 6 year old particularly enjoyed a toy hunt that was set up for kids on that day. It involved looking out for hidden plush toys. Since my son loves treasure hunts he didn’t mind the grown ups having a wonder around the house. I would say everyone was happy and it was win win situation. Tea room was very grand and food was nice as well. Oh I should also mention that there were some Pokemons hidden in the park which kept us going 🙂

All round we are definitely coming back to Petworth Park.

  • Aleksandra

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