How to start with Mindfulness…


I first heard about Mindfulness probably about 4 years ago. I had a chance to co-run Mindfulness course for one of the UK’s Mental Health charities. I have learned a lot about Mindfulness from the course as the main instructor had a vast knowledge about what Mindfulness was, where it came from and how to practise it.

There’s been a lot research done demonstrating that practising Mindfulness for as little as 10 minutes a day can reduce stress so how do we begin with Mindfulness? How do we keep going with Mindfulness?

I think the key to Mindfulness, like with many things in life is consistency,  you need to practise it over a long period of time to see the benefits. It is not an instant remedy type of situation. I would also say to explore different types of Mindfulness practises to find the one that is best suited for you and your needs. Not one size fits all and there is a lot free resources out there.

Personally I like guided meditation, I find it useful to have  a voice to guide me. I have purchased couple of audio recordings on Amazon for about £ 1.00. They are around 20 minutes long and I like to use them in the evenings. It helps me to unwind and relax before bed. I think the quality of the recording, the voice the background music, is important. I know I heard guided meditation recording before (on YouTube) that I didn’t like and therefore couldn’t use them. That’s not all though, I try to remind myself every day to focus on the present moment, a walk in the park, nice coffee, conversation, all can be done in a Mindful way. I have noticed that a people use the word mindful a  lot this day, be mindful of this or that. I like to use that word as my trigger to remind myself to be mindful not about what this person is talking about but also to be mindful in the way I go about my day.

I have noticed lately that I got so cough up in the everyday hustle and bustle that I forgot about Mindfulness. I want to make conscious effort to practise it every day. I want to make sure I get my 10 minutes. I will keep you posted….

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