Breaking Point

There have been many points in my life where I thought, I would break down any minute. The minutes would pass and I would still keep going. Amazed at how much I can take. There have also been points in my life where people around me would fall apart and count on me to help them put their lives back together. That is fine, people should helming each other out back at few particularly stressful points in my life when I had to step up and be their for other, I was not really in a good place myself and I wasn’t in position to do that. Yet I would go out and do it …

I’m guessing there is a lot of people like me out there who give out to the world when they can barely keep their heads above the surface. We just keep going …

I often thought when will it be my turn to fall apart and lean on somebody for help. Will I have a go because surely I earned my right to breakdown. Sometimes it sadden me that no one could see what I was going through. I was waiting for somebody to come and save me but no one would ever come….

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been there. Who thought that they would not last another blow, another disaster or run of bad luck. Whatever that may be. The cavalry seldom comes to the rescue and often we have to pick ourselves up and keep going in spite of what happens around us. I’m not saying, I will never break, I’m not saying people around me are selfish or unkind. I guess we all deal with things differently and we are all differently programmed. What I’m trying to say is that in difficult times when things get too much and the cavalry is nowhere to be found it is important to wait out the minutes as they come and pass . It is also good to prepare for the times of crisis and start learning those coping mechanisms ahead of troubling times. How you may ask. Well get yourself strong and prepared. I’m not asking you to make major changes in your life. I’m asking you to make small changes to your life but be consistent and make those good habits that will pull you through when no one else can.

Little by little make changes, do things that make you happy, that bring you peace that make you feel better. Whether it is taking up running or walking. Practicing mindfulness or picking back up that hobby that you have left behind because you were too busy to keep it up. Do more of what makes you happy and what makes you who you are. Don’t loose yourself. Keep going and keep trying and remember somewhere out there I am too.

A xx Poppey one more


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