Rabbit the perfect pet

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a dog person. I grew up with a dog. I’m not ashamed to say he was my best friend. He was always there for me and he was also a great excuse to go out at least 3 times a day for a walk and make friendships with other dog walkers. He was a great distraction, he could keep me focus and he taught me a lot about being responsible and looking after others.

All that said I have a busy life and I know dogs need a lot of care, time and attention. I simply don’t have that Much to spare at the moment. At the same time I wanted to have a pet. I like animals. I know that animals are great for people. They provide a distraction after stressful day at work and let you come out of your head by looking after others who depend on you. No judgment. As a side note I can say that many health practitioners will recommend pets as a form of therapy to patience struggling with mental health problems.  I thought about a cat, less maintenance but I did hear all those horror stories about snobby cats who dislike their owners and cats that bring their owners little “gifts”. I just don’t think I could deal with that. What if my cat decided that he/she doesn’t like me? I don’t think I could deal with that rejection. What about all those dead birds left for me to find just because my cat would think I can’t hunt for my own food or I need a toy to play with. This all may sound trivial and I’m not entirely serious when I write this but please remember I’m a dog person. So here I was in need for a pet and close to getting a fish but you can’t stroke a goldfish.

It was than that a girl from work told me all about her rabbit. It was like there was a world out there. Pet that appears to be a cross between a dog and a hamster (I do apologise to all dog and hamster owners offended by the comparison, I mean well). Where have rabbits been all my life? I was hooked, I wanted a rabbit. This was my solution. Small friendly pet with need for love and attention but minus the walks and the commitment and sacrifices (fine I should fess up I oversold my childhood dog, he had his problems too). Anyhow, after looking into the rabbit care and rabbit’s requirements I have decided I was ready and rabbit would suit me and I would be a suitable rabbit owner. By that point I was able to make an informed desicion about owing rabbits and what it meant to have them. Why no one told me about rabbits before? I think stars have aligned as just before Christmas my neighbours friend’s daughter was looking to re-home her one year old rabbit. IMG_2639.jpg He was and still is a Mini Rex male. I was looking for a different breed but I couldn’t say no to his pretty face and need for home. We were friends from day one. After a few months we got a partner for him. Rabbits like to be in pairs and they make bonds for life. It didn’t seem fair for him not to have a partner. You have to do it right though and nine out of ten it takes time. That is however a subject for another post.

In conclusion I would recommend rabbits, please don’t get me wrong I heard horror stories of vicious rabbits who hate their owners and bite anything and anyone that tries to come near them. I have now two rabbits and I’m no rabbit expert but these guys have been the sweetest. The male can be grumpy at times and he can growls at me in disgust but he is not a vicious biter (he doesn’t really bite, unless you count the secreting board) and he loves attention and head scratches more than being antisocial. In fact he is very social, curious and very friendly. He is also fully “potty-trained” and clean. For now I’m very happy with my furry friends. I would love a dog in the future but rabbits are great and for life.

A xx

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