Recharge and explore

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out. I found, was really going in. – John Muir”


I have come to realise almost by accident that the best place for me to recharge and de-stress is the great outdoors. I’m no great outdoor expert though. I have never been camping in my entire life (it just didn’t work out that way). I just like to be out there exploring, staying close to the nature and it’s wonders at whatever scale possible. I get jittery when I don’t get to go out somewhere after long week at work. I need to switch of and for that the best for me is a walk in the woods or on the beach along the hilltop, well you get the gist. Nothing dramatic but I need that contact. I need the disconnection from concrete walls and pavements, complete change of environment. I need the beauty of what Mother Nature has to offer.

I would love to go traveling in a van exploring the unknown but at least for now this is not a feasible option. I just drive to places far and near and explore them on weekends or day trips. There is plenty on offer if you want to make the effort.

I didn’t realise I was craving this until I connected the dots and understood that if I lacked my “nature fix” for whatever reason, I wound’t feel so great in the following week. It makes sense, taking our heritage, our origins, we humans like nature. It is simply not natural to want to spend days in concrete jungle, we are hunter gatherers. Please remember, I’m not judging you, if are going to the gym five times a week and that floats your boat or whatever “urban” activity you like (as long as you are safe and legal) and it helps you, makes you better and who you want to be, it works, I’m all for it. I’m simply saying I like nature, I like exploring. It helps me recharge and relax. I feel better for it. Perhaps it is something you would like to explore as well. I know my local Mental Health charity has walkers groups. If you don’t want to walk alone there are groups out there that can connect you with likeminded walkers in your area. I simply encourage you to do something/ find something that will work for you. IMG_0927.jpg

A xx

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