Mindfulness and Surfing – Sam Bleakley

“You do not search for nirvana; you live it as the present” – Sam Bleakley

I would like to talk to you guys about the book by Sam Bleakley titled ” Mindfulness and Surfing. Reflection for Saltwater Soul.” This book combines two of my great passions, surfing and mindfulness.

I have always been drawn to surfing even though I grew up in a place with no waves around for miles. I grew up in a big city, a capital. I saw people surfing for the first time on tv screen as a kid and like many I was mesmerised by the people who danced on waves. I have to say that I do not have competitive nature. I don’t like to compete with others. However, I do like to see how I measure up against what Mother Nature has got in store. To me surfing offers that challenge. It’s you, your board and waves. It’s about making that connection with water. Respecting the waves and putting an effort to be able to make it. It’s you up against you and that works for me. Of course there is competitive surfing but I’m not a pro and when I go surfing I go to do better than I did last time.

There is beauty in surfing, there is beauty in watching the waves break. I can stare at the sea for hours. There is something there that calms me down and soothes my soul. Hard to put it in words but most of you probably know the feeling. The circumstance may be different for you but for me it is the sea.

Therefore I felt almost compelled to reach out for the “Mindfulness and Surfing” book, here I got a promise of combining my two great passions and endeavours, surfing and mindfulness.  I also really enjoyed reading this book as Sam Bleakley’s way of describing the process of mindfulness and surfing is beautiful and effortless.

I understand that surfing may not be what floats your boat (pun intended) but there are other wonderful books it this series written by other authors that talk about mindfulness practises like “The Art of Mindful Silence” by Adam Ford. There is a chance you may find one that taps into your passion and shows you the mindful way. I would highly recommend trying. This book is beautifully published and worth a read if you would like explore a new approach to either practising your passion or exploring mindfulness. It’s on my book shelf and I reach out for it often.


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