Lizard Lighthouse Heritage Centre – Cornwall

Lizard Lighthouse Heritage Centre – the most southerly point of mainland Britain.

Lizard Lighthouse Heritage Centre was established in 1619. The centre offers interactive museum with plenty to see and learn and some hands on exhibits for younger visitors. You are also able to go on a tour up to the lighthouse tower and see the lighthouse lamp up close. It is interesting to see how small the lamp is given that it projects the light impressive 26 nautical miles out to the sea. The steps up to the lamp room in the lighthouse are narrow but have hand rail and are defiantly worth a climb if you are a die-hard lighthouse fan (like I am) J

I would highly recommend visiting the centre as it offers insight into what life used to be like for the lighthouse keepers and also some interesting factual information about modern day lighthouse keeping. Aside from that the views at the Lizard Point are breath-taking and you can go on a short/long walk around the lighthouse and stopover in a café and local art gallery at the point itself.

When we came to visit we parked our car at the National Trust car park next to the lighthouse, went for a walk and visited the centre. We were lucky with the weather as it was beautiful and sunny and we could see out for miles.

Incidentally trinity House who own and run the Lighthouse Centre rent out cottages at the foot of the lighthouse. The cottages used to be the lighthouse keepers accommodation when lighthouses had to be manned and were not automated like they are now. I imagine it must be magical to stay in one of those cottages, well maybe less magical when the foghorn goes off but I guess it would be a part of the experience 😉

All in all I’m really glad I made the trip out to visit Lizard Point and highly recommend it.


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