How to bond with your rabbit

Rabbits are highly intelligent and sensitive animals. They can also be your best friend and a wonderful addition to your life and then life of your family but you often you have to make an effort to get them to trust you and bond with you. Finn our male rabbit is extremely social and very curious. He is always first to come out and investigate. He like to climb on me and is extremely friendly. Ray our female rabbit is very timid and prefers Finn’s company to ours but she is slowly warming up to us. How we do that? Here are a few tips on how to bond with rabbits:

  • get down to their level and I mean this literally; sit down on the floor and let them roam around, they will it time become curious and start sniffing you and warming up to you;
  • give it time; you have to build that trust and mutual understanding;
  • it helps if you happen to have some rabbit treats handy, they love to eat;
  • give them room to play;
  • don’t pick them up, in general rabbits don’t like being picked up as they feel safest on the ground; if you want to pick them up do it properly;
  • rabbits are nocturnal animals which means they will be more playful early in the morning and late at night, they like to sleep in the daytime;
  • make a safe space for your rabbit and keep it interesting with some toys and tunnels if possible;
  • watch your rabbit and learn what different behaviour means, they are very expressive and will let you know what they think with their body language;

Good luck, rabbits make for wonderful pets.


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