“Time you enjoyed wasting, is not wasted time” – John Lennon

I’m not sure about you guys but I strangle with motivation to do things that are outside of my normal life schedule. I just get tired a lot, I lead a busy life but on the flip side I also know that when I create  whatever this may be (this blog, photography anything that can be classed as hobby) I feel better. It also happens that when I start I usually never finish after completing just one thing, creativity breads creativity.

That is all true you may say but what to do when you simply just don’t want to (even though you know this may be good for you) so here are some handy tips for creating a space and a little inspiration:

  • start by taking some stock, think of all the things that make you happy and make you whole, what stands out, what is the last time you were happy just by being in the moment and what were you doing?
  • start your day in a different way, wake up half an hour earlier than normal and meditate, go for a run, read a newspaper, do something different;
  • visualise – use pinterest, mood boards, vision boards, see what you would like achieve or you would like to do more of, set a goal;
  • start a journal, I’m currently writing in 5-year journal, on each page I get to record the same day over the course of next 5 years, you only have short space in this journal to write down one most memorable thing from that day. I’m really looking forward to competing this journal and being able to see a snapshot of one day across 5 different years;
  • ok so maybe you are not into vision board or journaling but how about scrapbooking?
  • there is also bullet journals, I’m not sure about you guys but I always get excited about stationary (sigh);
  • sign up to a class in your local library or watch some online videos of something you always wanted to try but wasn’t sure how;
  • create a nice space for yourself, use candles, blankets find a corner where you will feel comfortable and will be able to embrace your talents;
  • and my final one keep trying, keep doing what makes you happy.

I really like this quote by John Lennon and that’s how I like to thing about things. Keep doing what makes you happy and makes you, you.


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