7 Habits of highly effective people – Stephen R. Covey

Today I want to share with you some lessons I have learned from reading Stephen R. Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Admittedly it is an older book but it stands the test of time. I have summed up the 7 habits here. If you haven’t yet read the book I hope this will inspire you to have a read through it.

The 7 Habits are:

  1. Be proactive – do not focus on what you can’t control but focus on how you can improve and anticipate the change. Put effort into whatever you are doing instead of dwelling on the things that bring you down but you have no control over.
  2. Begin with the end in mind – adjust your behaviour accordingly, set a clear goal and do things that will help you reach that goal. Be clear about what you want to achieve in the end, what your goal is, what you want to achieve. I guarantee that once you have this vision of what you want to achieve or who you want to become clear in your mind, it will be a lot easier to adjust everything else in your life, to help you stay on the course to success whatever that may be.
  3. Put first thing first – what is important for you in your life. It is important to remember what really matters in your life and act on it. Do not put things that are really important to you in the background and waste time focusing on the trivial things in your life. If family is the most important thing to you, make sure you spend quality time with your family instead of watching TV or spending time on what is not important to you. Also learn to prioritise:
  • Important and Urgent
  • Important and not Urgent
  • Not Important and Urgent
  • Not Important and not Urgent

4. Think “win-win” – this habit focuses on supporting others, collaboration and how it can help you. For you to win doesn’t mean somebody else needs to lose. We can all benefit from helping each other out. Think long term and be nice.

5. Seek first to understand then to be understood – open space for other people, listen to them emphatically, be genuinely interested in others and they will reciprocate this.

6. Synergise – look for opportunities to get help with what you need to achieve. Often in life you can’t do everything yourself and you will need to rely on others to help you. Make the most of the strengths of people around you, especially if you are a part of a team. Good team work can make or break your task.

7. Sharpen the saw – strive for continued self-improvement. Promote and cultivate what makes you better, what helps you develop, what helps you renew your energy your, creativity. Keep learning and don’t be afraid to spend time learning.

7 Habits
7 Habits of Highly Effective People


  1. As they achieve some of their goals in life, some people become complacent, choosing to stay in their comfort zones rather than keeping their pace going. Indeed, we should always “sharpen our saw”. I haven’t read this book yet but because of this post of yours, I feel like I have to have it. Thank you for sharing this!


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