How to use Forest App and The Pomodoro Technique to increase your productivity

I recently read an article that talked about how a university student failed her whole year and blamed it on addiction to social media. Although it may sound like an extreme case, and probably there was more to it than just time spent on social media Apps, there is no denying that smartphones and social media have changed our lives forever.

They can offer endless way of distracting ourselves from tasks at hand. Especially when it’s something that we don’t particularly want to do such as studying, essay writing, working on projects, report writing etc. I also think we are not immune to this at any age. Procrastinating can make or break not only university grades but also careers. I have myself recently finished a two year postgraduate diploma course at a brick university. At times I found it hard to focus on my course work with messages and notifications popping up on my phone. That’s why I decided to look into The Pomodoro Technique and use Apps on the phone that help you to stay focused.

How they work:

The Pomodoro Technique

This technique urges you to focus on a task in specific time blocks that are measured by a timer, whenever the time block is up our timer will ring to signal that you can stop and have a short break. Below is a link to a website explaining the technique but it is very simple:

  • write down your task/project that you will be working on;
  • set a timer on your phone for 20 minutes;
  • work on your task;
  • have a 5 minute break when your alarm goes off;
  • after 5 minutes set your alarm to ring after 20 minutes and get back to working on your task for another 20 minutes;
  • after completing a whole task put a completed mark and move on to next task/project;
  • After 4 blocks of 20 minutes have a longer break.

Forest App

This is one of the most popular productivity apps that helps you stay off your smartphone whilst performing a task. It is simple to use, set a timer on the App that you will commit to your project and will not use your smartphone whilst doing so, let’s say 25 minutes, the app will start counting down the 25 minutes and you will see a tree starting to grow in that time. The objective is you do not use your smartphone in the designated time and let your tree grow. The more uninterrupted time you spend the more trees you get to grow in your forest. You also collect pointS and after getting to 2500 the sponsor of the app will plant a real tree on your behalf, a pretty worthwhile cause if you ask me.



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