How to start a Bullet Journal

Even though I have kept a journal or diary or both for the best part of my life, I have only recently came across the idea of keeping a Bullet Journal. At present I have a diary for writing down the most important memories, I also keep a day-to-day 5- year diary for recording everyday events and for all mundane appointments/schedules etc. I also use calendar on my iPhone. I’m pretty happy with this system. I like writing about my milestones or my frustrations in my “big” diary but I also like to keep track of everyday events in my 5-year diary and would most likely be lost without my iPhone calendar.

However, when i started looking into the Bullet Journal, I liked the idea of keeping my creative ideas in there. I am also always looking for ways to implement and track new habits, write down titles of books I want to read or movies I want to watch, plan a project. For all those more random ideas I had different notebooks etc. However, I noticed that this is not the most efficient way of tracking things especially if you already have a busy schedule and you need to dip in and out of projects depending on how much free time you have in the day or a week. I also wanted to keep a tracker to see how much things were taking or to make me more accountable for new habits I wanted to implement and cultivate.

I have to say I am not the most creative of types in terms of neat calligraphy writing or painting and drawing. Therefore, I was almost put off by some of the beautiful spreads of bullet journals I saw on Pinterest or YouTube. I knew I could never match that but I concluded that Bullet Journal is what you make it and that it is the whole point of a Bullet Journal. It is the content that matters not the presentation. Although, I’m hoping the presentation will improve over time 🙂

Here is a website giving some guidance about setting up a Bullet Journal:

Here is the Bullet Journal I purchased:

Leuchtturm 1917, A5 dotted, Emerald.

Bullet Journal

Bullet journal walk-through in pictures:


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  1. I got the same one and its amazing! I felt the same about the spreads you see on instagram and other websites. I just keep it simple, one pen, one color, and simple designs. Its much more manageable and doesn’t overwhelm me.

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