Film Photography

Film photography is having its moment again. More and more I see people looking into shooting film. There are Instagram accounts popping here and there full of pictures shot on film, developed and scanned into computers.

I have managed to get my hands on an old film camera last year, a Canon AE-1. It’s been a treat to use this camera. I have a new found respect for every picture I take using it. As you have to pay for the film role, and then pay to get it developed and scanned you quickly learn to appreciate every frame.

In my particular camera you have to have an idea of what settings you need to be able to take a decent picture, you also need to focus manually. I haven’t got the auto programme on this camera. Don’t get me wrong it is not complicated, it’s just not a point and shoot, is all I’m saying.

I savour every frame, I muse over the pictures I will take. I enjoy it and discover photography anew. It’s been a great learning experience, made possible by YouTube. I honestly don’t know how the world functioned before there was a video on “how to…” available for everything at your fingertips. I guess the world was a lot slower back then. Things required more time and research, just like with my film camera.

Perhaps that’s why I enjoy it so much, it helps me slow down, makes every picture special, unique, every moment captured is stopped in time and only revealed when all pictures are taken on the film roll. The anticipation and the excitement to receive those pictures on the disc is wonderful. Those pictures are special to me and the process is magical. You never know which picture was good and which one nothing but a blur.

Film photography is a whole new/old experience and I thoroughly enjoy it.

A xx

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