Oxford – England

Oxford is a city in central southern England, amongst many things it is famous for being the home of the Oxford University. However, there is so much more to Oxford then the university itself. This city really has got a lot to offer. When I first visited Oxford I was fascinated by the architecture of its 38 colleges. Oxford’s charming streets have interesting buildings, museums, historical sites at every street corner. There is The Radcliffe Camera, University College, Magdalen College, Bodleian Library, Botanic Garden and Oxford’s Bridge of Sighs to name a few. All within walking distance. Truly enough to keep you busy and a feast for a photography enthusiasts.

You can go on a Harry Potter inspired tours and visit some of the buildings where “Harry Potter” movies were filmed or retrace the steps of Dr Diana Bishop, the main character from the “All Souls Trilogy” written by Deborah Harkness and turned into tv series titled “The Discovery of Witches” starring Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode.

Like I said I have first visited Oxford for the beautiful architecture of the university buildings. Since then I have read Bill Bryson’s book titled “The Road to Little Dribbling” which have opened my eyes to all the things I have missed out on during my first visits.

Next time, I visited Oxford I set my heart on Oxford University Natural History Museum which is also connected to Pitt Rivers Museum. What a great place to go to. There is so much to see that you could easily spend days in both museums and not run out of things to do. The Natural History Museum is also a great place for kids. It is full of hands on exhibits of taxidermy displays which you can touch, stroke and investigate up close, skeletons of a whole range of animals amongst them dinosaurs and a really interesting displays of fossils, rocks and minerals and that’s all just on the ground floor. It is a museum that can really capture child’s imagination and develop their interest in the world that surrounds us.

Pitt Rivers Museum displays University of Oxford’s collection of archaeological and anthropological artefacts. It is an incredibly vast collection and there is so much to see and to appreciate. This museum is perhaps more geared towards adults but I cans see kids appreciating it too.

The building that houses both museums is located next to The University Park. A great place for a tranquil picnic by the river. You can easily find a bench in a nice spot and watch the punts glide by on the river.

If you still have some time after that you can take a short walk through the city to the Ashmolean Museum. Here you can see another mesmerising collection gathered by the University of Oxford, this time of art, ancient and modern antiquities and archaeological artefacts. If that is not enough to entice you to this museum Bill Bryson wrote this recommendation in his book about it and the Ashmolean uses it on their website.

“Just about the most beguiling museum there is” Bill Bryson “The Road to little Dribbling”

Furthermore it is easy and convenient to visit Oxford with its five Park & Rides dotted around the city. They are cheap, reliable and easy to access and find. I should also add that the entrance to all three mentioned above museums is free, which is truly incredible and anyone who is used to paying entrance fees to museums will appreciate that.

All in all you really need more then a day in Oxford. A great place where you will not run out of things to do, see and learn.


Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Bridge of Sighs 


Pitt Rivers 

University Church of St Mary the Virgin 

Bodleian Library 

University Park located next to the Oxford University Natural History Museum 


Ashmolean Museum  

“Just about the most beguiling museum there is” Bill Bryson “The Road to little Dribbling”

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  1. We love visiting Natural History Museums and the one in Oxford looks amazing. Had no idea they have, just like Venice, Bridge of Sights. I guess you learn something new every day 😀 thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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