Time Management Tips

Time Management is a hot topic. Everyone out there is trying to help us organise our time and increase our productivity. You can sometimes get really lost looking through all the helpful tips and tricks on how to make things quicker, easier, more efficient …

I have few of those tricks up my sleeve as well and I would like to share them with you but it’s not to say that mine are the best, try them out and see what works for you and your lifestyle, see if they help. Find your way …

My time management tips are:

  • keep a good routine in your day – to achieve this look at your sleep hygiene, you will not be able to be efficient during the day if you are tired because you didn’t get enough sleep. Organise your mornings effectively, perhaps this is the time of the day that is really letting you down and setting a bad tone for the day. However, be careful and figure out what is your most productive time of day. Maybe you are a night owl and forcing yourself to get up at 5:00am every day is not doing you any favours.
  • set your goals for the day/week/month – be realistic but stick to your plan. Start with a goal in mind.
  • Keep a diary or a journal – bullet journals are great way to stay on track.
  • Break your big tasks up into smaller manageable chunks.
  • Watch out for time wasters – if you keep looking at your phone maybe getting the Forest App is the way to go to fight the urge to reach for your phone.
  • Be more decisive and don’t put off things for tomorrow, you have to start somewhere but once you start and keep at your task for 30 minutes, things will slowly start to turn around.
  • Give Pomodoro technique a go (please see my blog post about it for more info).
  • Be kind to yourself – somebody once said “it’s better to do 80% of something then 100% of nothing”.
  • Remember to take stock and avoid burn out.

I hope you will find these tips helpful. You got this.


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